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Flanders Inshape gathers and disseminates knowledge about product and service development and design. Production and service companies, colleges and universities, sectoral federations, employers’ organizations etc. can participate in research projects and/or submit research projects themselves.

Various research projects have resulted in a wealth of knowledge, information, tools and methods aimed at supporting companies in the field of product development and design.

You can find a survey of the current research projects here.

This research has been finalised:

The optimal use of prototyping in the product design process
From idea to product concept
Technology to product
DNA of innovation dynamics
Play-it-forward: business game “sustainable innovation”
Setcomfort: a new system to quantify tactile material properties and communicate about them
Assist: Functional improvement of mobility solutions for motor disabled people
Environmental step-by-step plan for sustainable fair events
Idea to Market: Structure your idea generation
Creative spaces, a manual
Usewell: Human Centred Design made accessible
The application of User Centred Design in a Business-to-Business environment
• Roadmap Human Centred Design
The added value of design
• Design management and innovation: conversion research for the mechatronics sector