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Idea to Market is a useful toolkit and manual that will guide you efficiently through the creative process.
How can you make sure that you not only generate a lot of ideas, but also can get started with the best ideas you have generated? 

The toolkit is an actual 'gamebox' that has all the necessary elements you need to start off.

As the leader of the ideation you play an important role and you have a big impact on how it goes. However, existing lliterature and tools offer little information about how a facilitator can prepare for ideation.

This I2M (Idea to Market) toolbox has been developed in order to guide the facilitator through the ideation process in a controlled way. The tool tries to increase the effectiveness and the efficiency of the ideation by offering support for the organization and preparation as well as assistance during the process itself. Success is not guaranteed for the ideation as such, but opportunities generated by using the toolbox offer a good start for a successful product plan.

The I2M toolbox contains the following elements that have a role to play in an enhanced ideation:

- The manual supports the facilitator, he/she plays a very important part in this process
- The elements of the tool bring structure into the ideation instead of just brainstorming
- The tool delves deeper into the different phases of the ideation, the stress is on the 4 phases
- The tool initiates a 5th preliminary phase (the preshoot) for a better preparation of the ideation
- The process board supports the facilitator in the planning of an ideation and offers visual assistance for the team
- The manual gives a number of important conditions per ideation phase
- The tool shows 6 different roles that one can apply to obtain a broader search field
- The tools fan gives - per phase - the possibility to choose the right tool at the right time in the process

Project partners: Artesis Hogeschool Antwerpen, Verhaert New Products & Services, Alcatel-Lucent, Recticel and VRT Medialab.

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