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Play-it-Forward is a strategic business tool in game form that stimulates businesses to innovate in a sustainable and creative manner.
If your company gets stuck in a saturated market and is looking for a way out or if you have so many new product- or service ideas and don't know which ones to choose, then this tool might be cut out for you. 

The game is based on the business model canvas developed by Alex Osterwalder, that is built around profit and partnerships. Because the game is an extension to the business model canvas, it also really fits well as a visually attractive starting point for business model generation.

However, this is only the beginning of all the possibilities. Play-it-Forward added 2 P's to the business model canvas: people and  planet. On top of that, an assisted workshop/game was developed that aims at stimulating sustainable innovation, in the broad sense of the word, within the business context.

Play-it-Forward is a co-creation of Pantopicon, BECO, Studio Spark, HOWEST and Flanders Inshape.

Play-it-Forward canvas


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