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A Service Blueprint is a detailed description of a new service with its implications regarding time agreements, work processes; support ... in fact everything that is practically necessary to have the new service up and running smoothly. A good Service Blueprint will show the weak points in a new service well in time.

A Service Blueprint establishes the main elements and aspects of the service process. It gives information on front- and back- stage, customers, staff, work environment, supporting processes and resources, etcetera. It also describes what the interaction between the different elements means and how these elements relate to one another. A Service Blueprint gives insight in the elements that make a service tangible. These are the elements through which the customers get in touch with the service.

A Service Blueprint begins with rendering the renewed customer journey, the journey that customers make throughout the service. Every step in that journey is documented with the front and backstage elements of the new service. The next step is working on the ideal connection of these elements, together with the stakeholders within the organization, so that the benefits for the customer are maximized. The result is a scheme of the process of how the customer gets the service. All necessary channels, components and the relationships between these elements are now registered in the Service Blueprint.