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What: When employing user centred design tools during the design process, it is important to consider which users and other stakeholders are involved in your company/product/service. The Stakeholder Centred Innovation workshop or SCIN workshop is designed to identify all the stakeholders (and therefore also users). This workshop can prove invaluable in situations with a complex value chain, like in a business-to-business context for instance.

When: The SCIN workshop should be organised at the beginning of a design process. It is possible to repeat the SCIN workshop at a later stage if new stakeholders are discovered during the design process.

Advantages: The SCIN workshop opens up a dialogue on the importance of stakeholders and planning of UCD tools and generates engagement within the design team. You can plan which stakeholders you will analyse with which UCD tools, and you select the stakeholders who are involved in determining whether the product/service is suitable for the end customer.

- Provide the SCIN posters, the manual with some examples, Post-its, pens and red and blue stickers.
- Plan the workshop with approximately six participants; the design team and also someone from sales, the technical department, the marketing department, production, etc. in order to pool together the in-house knowledge on the stakeholders.
- Make sure everyone is aware of the workshop’s actual goal.

1. Start by detailing the value chain. Describe each link of that chain in terms of the activities that are carried out to bring the product to the end customer.
2. Afterwards, identify the actors involved in each stage of the chain: which organisations contribute to bringing the product to the end customer?
3. In the next step, name all the stakeholders for each actor. Go over all the actors!
4. In the penultimate step, all workshop participants can use the dot-stick method to select the stakeholders who (1) are the most interested in the product and (2) have the most influence on whether the product will be used.
5. Make a shortlist of the main stakeholders (those with the most stickers) and discuss what you want to learn from these stakeholders, which UCD tool lends itself best to the task, and when you should get started with the UCD tool.

The stakeholder’s influence and interest
This workshop brings together many stakeholders; the users, but also other people who have a major stake in getting the product to be used (without using it themselves), individuals who can influence the actual use of the product (vendors, consultants, etc.) and other individuals who can provide important insights in the design. This means that the workshop participants select:
(1) Those who are interested in using the product, and can therefore offer valuable information on how to shape the design.
(2) Individuals who influence the successful marketing of the product, in order to later be able to meet their requirements and wishes as well as possible.