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Design to Align - Design Management Conference Europe 28-30/4 - verslag

Design to Align was de titel van de DMI Design Management Conference Europe & Intersection 15, van 28 tot 30 april in Berlijn.

We geven graag de meest opvallende quotes mee uit het zeer gevulde programma van drie dagen over de meest recente inzichten en kennis rond alle aspecten van design.

“It’s not about making the most performant software, but it’s about making easy to use, joinable and excitement software.”

"Design driven over designer driven”

“Design is working well if it’s highly integrated in business.”

“Design is core for a company. We do not want give this competence to consultancy.”

“Stop measuring the value of design, do design.”

"Change is something you do together. Not only others must change, you also have to change yourself.”

“Bad user experience is often hidden by complexity.”

“Document all the stories of your customer and show it.”

"The higher the complexity, the higher the need for design, especially in B2B.”

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

"If you don’t have fun, we are not doing something wrong. But if you have fun, you are certainly doing something right."

"I’d rather believe in 3 things about my customer than know 50."

"There is a shift from design for ease of use, to design for delight."

"It’s a bad day if you don’t get corrected."

"Explore through doing. Have faith in the creative process."

"Stop using power point presentations and roll in the flip charts again in order to establish an authentic dialogue between people."

"Greatness on your part is not enough. You are no longer an outcomes innovator. You are now an actor within a broader innovation ecosystem."

"Customers don’t care about the silos in your company, they want an experience that makes sense."

"Branding is bullshit. Customers are becoming more and more immune to branding and marketing tricks."

"Strive for simplicity. Complexity allows for corruption and bad customer service."

"We trust people like ourselves much more than we used to."

"The more loyal you are to a brand, the more the company will treat you as a sucker."

"Touchpoints build walls between your company and the customer. People don’t come into a bank anymore, because the bank has touchpoints. So touchpoints is an oxymoron."

"Allow customers to do stuff with you. Let them use it, after that they will decide if they can trust you."

"Organisations are tribes, they are internally focused. It’s not within our nature to focus on the customer."

"In order to create cultural change: support the believers, and influence the doubters."

"Instead of focussing on convincing the person to be themselves at work, focus on setting up the environment and the condition so that this can emerge."

"Focus on outcomes, not activities. Ask “why” people do things, or add “so that” after their explanation of activities they are planning to do."


Maka De Lameillieure en Brian Legein noteerden de quotes op de DMI conferentie in Berlijn.