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Verticaal tuinieren met de SuperBag

Verticaal tuinieren met de SuperBag

SuperBag, a vertical growbag made to enjoy


With the Super®Bag we want to provide a growing solution for all those who live in urban environments and have limited outdoor space available. The space-saving vertical design keeps your balcony or terrace area from being cluttered by large containers, but still provides you with plenty of natural growing space.


The Super®Bag is designed in order to give you a large choice of greens to plant. Once filled, the growbag contains an optimal amount of potting soil per plant (4 liters or 1 gallon) so your veggies can get the growing conditions they need and deserve. You can either plant seeds or cuttings and you’ll be able to enjoy your fresh and homegrown produce in no time.


The Super®Bag features a durable fabric bag with trendy wooden handles. This allows you to move it around easily. For example, take it to your kitchen counter, window sill or worktable.

The supports, both columns and knobs, also ensure the necessary flexibility. You can install them to any wall: inside or outside, concrete, brick, wood, etc.

Watch the video here.