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World Design Impact Prize voor ABC Syringe

World Design Impact Prize voor ABC Syringe

The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid) awarded the 2013-2014 World Design Impact Prize to A Behaviour Changing (ABC) Syringe, developed by Dr. David Swann from the University of Huddersfield (United Kingdom) during an awards ceremony at the World Design Capital® (WDC) International Design Gala in Cape Town (South Africa) on 28 February 2014.

Established by Icsid in 2010, the World Design Impact Prize is an award that recognises excellence and diverse ways of addressing societal challenges. It leverages Icsid’s vast global membership network to champion possible solutions to global issues like poverty and the effects of industrialisation and consumerism on sustainability and society. Ultimately, the initiative also aims to acknowledge industrial design driven projects from around the world that are making a significant difference in the lives of individuals at the most basic level.

There are numerous issues related to the unsafe usage of syringes, but rather than create a new type of syringe (where a single £0.03 device can take years to get FDA approval and millions to produce), the ABC Syringe is an intelligent label that provides an easy way to recognise, which syringes have been used versus those that have not and costs closer to £30,000 to create and takes only 3 months for FDA approval. It is a universal communication tool regardless of literacy.

The patented innovation triggers people's innate sensitivity to risk through a persuasive colour change via a label which turns red once it has been exposed to carbon dioxide, or more simply, once it has been taken out of its sealed and sterilised packaging warning literate and illiterate patients of prior use - a strategy validated on the streets of Mumbai with 100% efficacy to date. Impact estimation indicates that by year 5, the ABC Syringe could prevent 700,000 unsafe injections, save 6.5 million life years and $130 million in medical costs in India alone.

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